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Georgia Tech hosts residential conferences with 50 or more participants from late May to early August. Completion of this request does not imply a commitment on the part of Georgia Tech. Space is only guaranteed after the final execution of a conference service agreement between the client and the Institute. Ready to begin? Click on the link below to submit a reservation.

Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life Employees or Student Residents may sponsor an event, program or meeting in a Meeting Space. Meeting Space must be requested at least 3 business days in advance. Student sponsor must reside in the building where the space is located. The Sponsor must be willing to accept all responsibilities of the proposed event. Follow the link below to secure your space.

The Intern Lodging Program is open to any university or college student that is at least 18 years old and interning with a company in the Atlanta area. You do not need to be a Georgia Tech student to participate. Ready to begin? Follow the link below to our Intern Lodging page.

Sponsored Lodging for GT Departments Reservation Form

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The Sponsored Lodging for GT Departments Program (formerly the Extended Lodging Program and called ELP) is offered to Georgia Tech departments interested in accommodating non-Georgia Tech student guests for two or more weeks during the summer on the Georgia Tech campus. Whether your student guests are here for research, training, or other instructional endeavors, they are sure to enjoy the convenience, security and services offered by Housing and Residence Life and our Campus Services partners. Fill out the form below to submit a reservation.

GTCS works to accommodate overnight summer camps, conferences and programs sponsored by GT departments. We are very excited to work with these programs that are designed to support the mission of Georgia Tech. Check out a list of the programs here!

*Important note: If GTCS has contracted with an overnight summer program not listed here, then that program is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Georgia Tech and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. 

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