Provost Housing

Provost Housing

Provost Housing Program (PHP) 

Two (2) furnished apartments within the Tenth and Home family housing complex are under contractual lease agreement between the Department of Housing and Residence Life, and the Office of the Provost for the purpose of convenience, recruitment, and housing for visiting faculty.  

Property Address: 251 10th ST, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, Buildings D & G 


Georgia Tech Housing & Residence Life represents the “owner” in the contractual agreement for leased residential space.  

Permit Holder

Residential tenant/guest, lessee and/or sponsoring Georgia Tech division, department or unit represents the “permit holder” in the contractual agreement for leased residential space.  


Visiting faculty members, post-doctoral researchers and other academic visitors are eligible to have a GT Department apply for housing on their behalf.  

Reservations & Assignments
  1. The Office of the Provost will sign a contractual agreement with Housing & Residence Life for two (2) two-bedroom, fully furnished apartments, reservable from July 1st, through June 30th.

  1. The Office of the Provost will select guest apartment according to availability and will submit the room assignment, contract via DocuSign, and Department payment information when applicable, by email to at least five (5) business days in advance of check-in. The assigned housing location for the guest will be managed in the StarRez residential management software system by Housing & Residence Life. 

  1. All assignments are made at the discretion of the Office of the Provost by its appointed representative. 

  1. Length of stay required is a minimum of thirty (30) nights (1 month) and a maximum of three hundred sixty (360) nights (12 months), unless requested by the Office of the Provost and agreed upon by the appropriate director of Housing & Residence Life. 

  1. Colleges, schools, and other units may request and reserve the use of an apartment for an individual via written request to the Office of the Provost. 

  2. Office of the Provost and the Guest acknowledge that only individuals, married couples, or domestic partners and their children, not to exceed four (4) individuals, are permitted to live in a unit. 

  1. Guest Faculty Housing Apartment Contract must be signed through DocuSign by Guest *contractual terms apply for the duration of stay.* 
  2. Appropriate parties will receive a copy of the contract after all signatures have been executed. 
  3. Contracts and reservations are nontransferable.

The License Fee is subject to approval or change by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and any adjustments pursuant to that approval are implemented on July 1. Any rate increase will be communicated to all Licensees to their Georgia Institute of Technology email account.

Monthly rental rate beginning on July 1, 2023: $2,061


  • Two (2) two-bedroom, fully furnished apartments.   

  • The larger bedroom of the apartment will be furnished with a queen-size bed, dresser, and related bedroom furnishings.  

  • The second bedroom of the apartment will be furnished with a desk and twin trundle bed (or similar piece) to accommodate use as an office and bedroom. 

  • The monthly lease payment will include high-speed Internet and all utilities. Georgia Institute of Technology reserves the right to make changes to IT services during this contract. The apartments are equipped with HVAC, washer and dryer, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven, refrigerator, dishes (service for four), basic dining and cooking utensils, waste and recycle bins, and bed and bath linens. 

  • The monthly lease payment does not include parking, or housekeeping service during occupancy. 


Payments are due on or before the first of each consecutive month. Monthly rent, including any additional charges and fees assessed, must be made to the Bursars office. If the guest’s account is not paid by 2:00 pm on the 10th day of the month in which the payment is due, a late fee in the amount of $30.00 will be assessed. Guests moving in prior to the first day of the month will be responsible for prorated rent and fees. The guest is responsible for all return checks or insufficient funds fee(s) as assessed by the Bursar.  

Conference Services will coordinate with the Department of Housing & Residence Life accounting manager to reconcile charges accordingly. 

Guest Self-Pay

To make a payment by self-pay through the Bursar’s office, visit Payment Options | Bursar & Treasury Services or in person, please visit the Bursar’s office located at: 

Georgia Tech Bursar’s Office 
Lyman Hall, Suite 111 
225 North Avenue 
Atlanta, GA 30332-0255  

Office Phone: (404) 894-4618 
Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday 

Departmental Payments

College, school, or administrative unit hosting the individual tenant will provide the Office of the Provost and Housing & Residence Life with a Workday work tag number, Spend Category, and Ledger Account. The work tag account will be billed on the first (1st) day of each month via journal entry. 

Office of Provost Payment

On the first (1st) business day of each month, Housing & Residence Life will execute a rent charge through Banner, to the work tag account provided by the Office of the Provost, for any nights the two (2) apartments are not assigned to an administrative unit or individual. 

Check-In & Out


At check-in, the guest must present the reservation confirmation email and a picture identification. Keys may be picked up at the housing community office that supports the guest housing assignment. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm. If arriving after normal office hours, the guest should call the duty phone number listed in the reservation confirmation email or the front door of the community office. The staff person on duty will meet the guest with their keys. After checking in to the space, the guest should inspect the apartment for any noticeable issues or damages. The guest should inform a Conference Services representative within 24 hours after check-in if there is anything that needs attention in the living space. 


Prior to check-out, the guest must remove all food and trash from the apartment and start the dishwasher. A final apartment inspection will be completed by Housing and Residence Life to inspect for general cleanliness, missing items, or new damages. The guest must coordinate the proper check-out and return of keys with a Housing and Residence Life staff member by sending an email with date and time of departure to:


Parking is available on-site and requires a parking permit. Please contact GT Parking & Transportation for rates and to purchase a parking permit.  


Georgia Tech has a variety of premier choices for on-campus dining. Visit GT Dining to view options and pricing. In addition, there are many area restaurants to choose from. Visit here to see local dining opportunities. 

Conduct Expectations

It is expected that guests of the Georgia Tech Campus act in accordance with community standards set forth by Georgia Tech and the Department of Housing & Residence Life. Please review and become familiar with conduct expectations for guests residing on campus.