Georgia Tech Welcomes Rotarians to Atlanta

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Alternative Accommodations for Rotarians

Sequence of Events

Sequence of Events from Inquiry to Check-Out

  1. Guest selects accommodations and amenities, and provides contact information for all additional guests

  2. Guest agrees to terms of license agreement

  3. Guest makes payment via credit card or debit card (reservation not confirmed until payment is made)

  4. Email sent by GT Conference Services with booking confirmation and details for check-in

  5. Guest checks in and receives all keys, cards, and materials for reservation

  6. Guest checks out and returns all keys/cards to GT Conference Services

  7. Additional charges are billed (if applicable)

Note: Housing offered at Georgia Tech is part of Rotary International's Alternative Housing options. These alternative options are not considered official convention housing and therefore no transportation shuttle will be provided to and from the convention.