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Deadline for applications is midnight on Monday, April 15, 2020
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References may be personal, professional, or academic. Past employers are a good source of recommendation. If you currently live on Georgia Tech campus, it is acceptable to submit your reference from a current residence hall staff member, such as your CA/PL. You may also submit a reference from a professor or other faculty member. We suggest you submit no more than ONE personal reference, but all submissions will be accepted. You must submit a total of two references. You must distribute this link to the individual(s) you list below, so they can complete the form by Friday, April 17, 2020:
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By submitting this application, I indicate that the information contained in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that the Department of Housing may verify my academic and discipline records for this application and throughout my employment, if selected. By submitting below I am acknowledging that I have read the entire Job Description associated with the position which I'm applying for, and I understand all of the conditions and expectations within it. Finally, by submitting below, I understand that I must distribute the above recommendations link to two references by the deadline listed above. When you have completed this form, click submit below to process your application. A copy of your completed application will be displayed; please print a copy for your records. Deadline is midnight Monday, April 15, 2020.
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