Intern Lodging FAQ

Intern Lodging FAQ

Application and Deadlines

When is the application and license agreement due?

2024 Dates:

Application Deadline:


Dates of Stay:

2024 Date:


All guests must be checked out by 8pm on XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Is there a pre-payment?

Yes; the pre-payment amount per intern for 2024 is COMING SOON per intern before tax.

Included in the pre-payment is a $50 application fee and the first 7 nights at the current rate.  For 2024, this is COMING SOON/per night for 7 nights for a total of COMING SOON before adding the $50 application fee and taxes.

When are fees due?

Pre-payment is due immediately after acceptance of the online contract. The remainder of the rent is due by the date indicated in your lodging assignment confirmation email.

How do I cancel my contract?

Excluding pre-payment and application fees, refunds will be made when Conference Services is notified in writing of cancelation. Refund requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to check-in.  Pre-payments and application fees are non-refundable.

I’m a company planning to sponsor several interns. Can I reserve rooms for my interns?

Yes. If you are a company sponsoring numerous interns, information for all interns needs to be submitted via the online application. One license agreement will be generated to include all interns sponsored by the company.

Details and Requirements

What are the age requirements for participating in the Intern Lodging program?

Interns must be 18 years of age upon applying for the program.

If requested, what are acceptable forms to prove my age? 

Copies of your driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport are all acceptable ways to prove your age.

If requested, what is an acceptable proof of internship?

A signed letter from your company’s Human Resources Department, or your direct supervisor.

What if I haven’t secured my internship yet?

You will need to have a confirmed internship before a license agreement with Georgia Tech will be official.

How much does the program cost?

2024 Rates:

The 2024 rate is COMING SOONper person per night and does not include tax.

Dates, Extensions, Hours

For what dates do you provide Intern Lodging? 

2024 Dates:

Application Deadline:


Dates of Stay:

2024 Date:


All guests must be checked out by 8pm on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

What if I need to stay longer than I had planned to? 

Extended stays beyond your contracted dates are provided on an “As Available” basis and charged at same nightly rate/night (plus tax). Extensions cannot be granted beyond the final date at 8pm. You must check out by 8PM on XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Where do I check-in? 
This information will be received based on your lodging assignment.

What are the hours for check-in and check-out? 

Staff is available for check-in from 8am-8pm, Monday-Sunday. You may check-in any time between 8am-8pm on your scheduled arrival date.

What should I do if I have to arrive after hours? 

First, make every effort to call the Conference Services’ main number (404-894-2469) to let someone know your plans. Next, upon arriving after hours, call the emergency duty phone (404-428-6752) and a staff member will check you in.

Where do I check-out? 

You will check out with your Community Assistant, inside your apartment building. Specific instructions will be provided in your welcome packet. You MUST check-out with your Community Assistant, between 8am-8pm on your scheduled check-out date. For those checking out on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, you must check-out by 8PM.


Do I have to have a roommate? 

Bedrooms are single occupancy and all “roommates” are sharing an apartment, NOT a bedroom. The Office of Conference Services will make official room assignments. You may, or may not have an apartment-mate depending on availability of space within the apartment building.

Can I live with people I’m interning with? 

Yes. Both you AND your roommate MUST request each other on your applications. Only roommate requests of the same gender will be honored.

Will I find out my roommate information? 

Yes, after the registration deadline and prior to your arrival, you will be emailed the names and email addresses for your roommates. At that point, you can reach out and touch base prior to check-in.

What will my apartment look like? 

Each single-occupancy bedroom is fully furnished with a bed (extra-long mattress), desk, desk chair, spacious wardrobe and dresser. All apartments are fully air-conditioned with a large living-room space, semi-private bath and kitchen, complete with full-size refrigerator, microwave, and stove. (See details.)

What should I bring with me? What can’t I have? 

Please view our Things to Bring page for suggestions.

Will I have a private bathroom? 

Bathrooms are semi-private. There is a ratio of 1 bathroom to every 2 people.

Will housekeeping clean my room and provide toilet paper? 

No. You must provide your own toilet paper, and are responsible for the cleanliness of your apartment, bathroom, and bedroom. Trash receptacles are located near the residence halls for your convenience.

Are there laundry facilities in the building? 

There are laundry facilities located in your building. Your BuzzCard will provide you access.

How do I use the laundry facilities? 

You will pick up a reloadable BuzzCard at check-in. You can place money on the card and use it to pay for doing laundry.

Are your facilities handicap accessible? 

Yes. There is a section on the application where you can make us aware of any special needs.

Are there phone jacks in the apartments? Can I make long distance calls? 

No, we recommend bringing a cellphone, or purchasing a prepaid phone once you arrive if you are coming from outside of the United States.

Are Internet connections available in the apartments? 

Yes. There are data ports you can use to plug in and wireless Internet is included in your rent. You will need to bring your own CAT-5 Ethernet cord for wired service.

Can the height of the beds be adjusted? 

The height of the beds can only be adjusted for documented medical reasons.

Other Campus Facilities and Services

What’s a BuzzCard? 

A BuzzCard is an official Georgia Tech photo identification. It is not only used as I.D., but can be used in vending machines, at local restaurants, for laundry service, and meal plans. Refer to for more information.

Can I purchase a meal plan for the campus dining hall? 
The following plans are available for purchase through the Buzzcard office.

Institute Guest 100: The cost of the Institute Guest 100 is $100.00. As you purchase meals throughout the summer, your balance declines. If purchased before the registration deadline this plan includes a 20% bonus.

Institute Guest 200: The cost of the Institute Guest 200 is $200.00. As you purchase meals throughout the summer, your balance declines. If purchased before the registration deadline this plan includes a 20% bonus.

Institute Guest 300: The cost of the Institute Guest 300 is $300.00. As you purchase meals throughout the summer, your balance declines. If purchased before the registration deadline this plan includes a 20% bonus.

Institute Guest 400: The cost of the Institute Guest 400 is $400.00. As you purchase meals throughout the summer, your balance declines. If purchased before the registration deadline this plan includes a 20% bonus.


Is there parking available near the apartment building? 

Yes, in a gated parking deck.

How much are parking passes? 

Parking is included free of charge, if selected online during pre-registration. Otherwise, a pass can be purchased from the Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation Office upon your arrival.

Does Georgia Tech have buses on campus? Do they go off campus? 

Yes, Georgia Tech has bus and trolley service. Service is slightly more limited during the summer, but still provides routes around campus and to nearby locations such as the Midtown MARTA Station and Publix grocery store.

What are alternate transportation options? 

Please view our Transportation Options page for more information.

Around Atlanta

Are there dining or shopping options within walking distance of Georgia Tech? 

Yes. When you arrive, you will be provided a Campus and Atlanta map that will guide you to options like Technology Square, Rocky Mountain Pizza, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.

What entertainment is near Georgia Tech? 

Please view our Atlanta Area Attractions page to learn more about the Atlanta area.

Atlanta is a pretty big city – is it safe? What does Georgia Tech do to keep campus safer? 

As in all major cities, we encourage you to keep your doors locked and be alert when walking alone around campus and Atlanta.  However, we provide a night-time emergency duty number, as well as the on-campus GT Police department to help increase safety options.

See the Georgia Tech Police Department for more information.


What do I do if there’s something wrong with my room-something breaks, leaky toilet, light bulb burns out, etc? 

When you arrive, you will be provided directions on how to complete an online maintenance request form. This will allow you to request maintenance assistance and track the requests’ progress. If it’s an emergency, call Conference Services’ main office, or duty phone number provided on the front door of your building and inside your Welcome Packet.

What do I do in an emergency? 

In case of an emergency, call Georgia Tech Police (404-894-2500). DO NOT call 911 first. GTPD will dispatch an ambulance if needed.

What if I have further questions?

If you have further questions, please call 404-894-2469 and tell the representative who answers that you have questions regarding the Intern Lodging Program. You can also email with questions.