Smith Hall (SMT) has traditional two-person rooms with shared bathrooms on the hall. The rooms are furnished with a twin bed (extra-long mattress), desk, desk chair, wardrobe, and dresser per resident. The beds can be independently set up in four ways: low, medium, high, and bunked. This description applies to nearly all rooms in the building.

There are several three person (triple) and four person rooms (quads) in Smith Hall. A triple is an oversized room for three residents and a quad consists of two rooms that accommodate four residents. All triples and quads contain the standard furniture for each resident. Triples are rooms 232, 306, 332, 339, 406, and 440. Quads are rooms 129, 130, 201, 202, 210, 238, 239, 301, 302, 306, 310, 345, 346, 401, 402, 410, 446, and 447.

Some rooms may have a slightly different configuration due to design differences and renovations. All rooms will have the same compliment of furniture. However, pictures above are of actual student rooms and may contain additional furniture and decoration provided by the resident. 

Smith Hall was built in 1947 and last renovated in 1993. Recently a new Energy Recovery Unit (ERU) was installed. The ERU brings fresh air into the building and expels exhaust to the outside while humidifying or dehumidifying the fresh air as needed depending on the season.

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