A Summer of Service: Georgia Tech’s Conference Services Welcomes an Exciting Season

As spring fades into summer, Georgia Tech’s Conference Services is gearing up for an action-packed season filled with diverse programs, new faces, and a lot of excitement. We’re thrilled to welcome a myriad of groups and individuals to our campus, eager to foster connections, promote growth, and create unforgettable experiences. This summer, we’re especially excited to shine a light on the incredible internal programs we proudly support and work alongside.


OMED Career Immersion Program

First up, we’re delighted to partner once again with the OMED Career Immersion Program, which provides invaluable professional development opportunities for Georgia Tech students. This program bridges the gap between academia and industry, offering students immersive experiences, from internship placements to insightful workshops. This collaboration empowers students to forge meaningful connections, refine their skills, and chart successful career paths.

College of Design Pre-College Program

Our Conference Services team is also excited to support the College of Design Pre-College Program. This initiative invites high school students passionate about design to explore their creativity on campus. Through hands-on workshops, mentorship, and exposure to the university’s cutting-edge resources, participants gain insights into the world of design, preparing them for future studies and careers. We’re thrilled to be a part of nurturing the next generation of designers.

GT Wreck Camp

Another program we’re particularly proud to support is the GT Wreck Camp. This spirited, multi-day retreat welcomes incoming Georgia Tech students, helping them transition smoothly into college life. Through team-building exercises, engaging workshops, and social activities, Wreck Camp creates a sense of community among new students, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling academic journey.

Athletic Camps: Gold Medal Swim, Yellow Jacket Tennis, and Volleyball

Sports enthusiasts will be pleased to know we’re also backing three dynamic athletic programs: the Gold Medal Swim Camp, Yellow Jacket Tennis Camp, and Yellow Jacket Volleyball Camp. These camps provide aspiring athletes with world-class training, mentorship from experienced coaches, and opportunities to refine their skills. We’re excited to support these camps as they cultivate athletic talent, promote healthy competition, and foster a love for sports.

CEISMC Expanded Learning Programs

Finally, we’re excited to work with the CEISMC Expanded Learning Programs, offering a variety of enrichment opportunities for K-12 students. From STEM camps to academic workshops, these programs spark curiosity, encourage learning, and lay the groundwork for future educational achievements. By collaborating with CEISMC, we’re able to provide diverse learning experiences, nurturing young minds and fostering a love for knowledge.

SLDP (Sponsored Lodging for GT Departments Program)

In addition to our dynamic programs, we’re excited for the SLDP (Sponsored Lodging for GT Departments Program). The Sponsored Lodging for GT Departments Program (formerly the Extended Lodging Program and called ELP) is offered to GT departments interested in accommodating non-GT and Georgia Tech student guests, over the age of 18, for two or more weeks during the summer on the Georgia Tech campus. Whether your student guests are here for research, training, or other instructional endeavors, they are sure to enjoy the convenience, security and services offered by Housing and Residence Life and our Campus Services partners. We are very excited to offer this program designed to fulfill the needs of departments and the educational mission of Georgia Tech.


This summer promises to be a memorable season, filled with diverse opportunities and impactful programs. At Georgia Tech’s Conference Services, we’re excited to serve and support the many groups and individuals who will walk through our doors. Through our collaborations, we aim to empower participants, create lasting memories, and contribute to the vibrant community here at Georgia Tech. Here’s to an incredible summer ahead, and to all the new experiences and relationships that will come with it!


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